Next Generation Tracking

Absolute Worldwide offers the next generation of tracking through CargoWise One. The single platform solution that puts productivity at the center of your global supply chain. CargoWise One is a single-platform software solution designed to increase your productivity and improve integration, automation, and communication with the supply chain. It integrates your business with your customers and partners, streamlining processes and increasing the efficiency, visibility, and profitability of your operations.

CargoWise One meets the diverse needs of a diverse industry. From growing supply chain providers to multinational corporations, its highly flexible and feature-rich system boosts productivity in everything you do. Whatever sector of the logistics industry your business serves, CargoWise One is the smart solution for success. With CargoWise One, you gain seamless supply chain operations and the competitive advantage.

CargoWise One puts productivity at the center of everything you do. Its single-platform system gives you the high levels of automation and visibility you need to streamline processes throughout your business. Because of its cloud-based capability, key in your data just once and it becomes instantly accessible across your worldwide operations, reducing your margin of error and the need for labor-intense workflows. For performance-driven businesses in need of enhancing productivity, CargoWise One presents an efficient solution for simplifying the supply chain.