Our specialists at Absolute Worldwide Logistics can handle your over-dimensional and overweight cargoes with precision and efficiency.

Customized Logistical Solutions

Absolute Worldwide Logistics is a multi-faceted logistics company providing fully customized solutions for all your shipping needs.

Overweight Transport

AWL handles over-dimensional shipments safely and legally. Our experienced team has expertise with the required permits, legal restrictions and specific equipment to transport your over-dimensional freight.

Oversized Transport

Absolute Worldwide Logistics can handle your over-dimensional and overweight cargoes with precision and efficiency.

Project Logistics

We specialize in all types of project freight logistics, we take the hassle out of arranging carriers and insuring that your equipment will get there on time and in one piece.

The logistics professionals at AWL have the experience, connections and know-how to ship almost anything almost anywhere.

Awl Cross Border Canada

Cross Border Canada

Take the stress out of shipping from the USA to Canada with our extensive resources, options & network. AWL is the right transportation choice for your cross border shipments.

Oversize Transport

The team at Absolute Worldwide Logistics has the knowledge and experience to successfully manage the most complex overweight and oversize shipments. With our expertise in state permitting laws, requirements & restrictions, AWL delivers the professional level of service you require.

Absolute Worldwide Logistics Overweight Freight

Overweight Freight

We customize our shipping solutions to meet all of your needs, including shipments that are not full truckload. Our Less-Than-Truckload services provide multi-modal pool distribution solutions, ensuring faster transit times and increased efficiency.

Absolute WWL Project Logistics

Project Logistics

AWL utilizes the latest technology that allows you to track your shipment anytime, anywhere.

The experts at Absolute Worldwide Logistics have been perfecting transportation industry solutions for decades..

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Absolute Worldwide Logistics

Absolute Worldwide Logistics is your single source for all of your freight shipping needs throughout the USA, Canada and Internationally.

Our team is made up of logistics professionals from every mode of transportation. We will craft a shipping solution and will execute it based on your needs.

We offer competitive rates, and top-notch customer service. Absolute Worldwide Logistics works with thousands of over-the-road carriers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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